On My Way

Since their days in Good Medicine, Jeff and Johnny Mosier have been an integral part of the Southern bluegrass scene.  Recently Jeff and Johnny revived their musical bond, and that inimitable family chemistry between Jeff (on banjo and vocals) and Johnny (on guitar and harmony vocals) is still intact.  The Mosier Brothers is their best collaboration yet.  The focus here is on good honest songs, played well by a great band that includes fiddle virtuoso David Blackmon and former Col. Bruce cohort Kris Dale on bass, with Jack Watson on drums.

Jeff Mosier’s deeply sincere voice and way with a song are the secret ingredients that set The Mosier Brothers apart from more jam-oriented bluegrass outfits.  The Mosier Brothers can jam, and tracks like Johnny Mosier’s “The Red Hand of Ulster” show that this band can pick with the best of them.  Still, Jeff’s heartfelt vocals on songs like “I’ve Endured” and “Never Wonder Why” are a distinctive highlight of The Mosier Brothers.

Speaking of Johnny Mosier, he plays more electric guitar than ever on this disc, and people who are used to thinking of him as an acoustic specialist are in for a surprise when they hear the ripping electric leads on tunes like “Any Mother Nature Would.”

The highlight of their new CD is “The Man In The Chair In The Sky,” a delightful send-up of organized religion featuring Col. Bruce Hampton in an amusing cameo.  Mosier’s sense of humor and wise, witty delivery make this song an instant classic.

-Hittin the Note